Voyagers in an Alpine landscape

Momper (Joos De)
Voyagers in an Alpine landscape
Voyagers in an Alpine landscape
layer & technique: 

oak panel


67.4 x 105.4 cm

ca 1627 (Dr Klaus Ertz) not before 1607 (dendrochronological analysis by Prof Peter Klein)

 figures by Jan Brueghel II (according to Dr Klaus Ertz)

More likely by Jan Brueghel the elder. (oral communication by Fred Meijer after inspection of the original)

Professor Klein (Hamburg) performed a chronodendrological examination which resulted in the following outcome: Youngest heartwoodring dating from 1596 which makes an earliest possible realisation date of the picture, 1608. A more probable date of realisation wood be 1613 or later. (which indicates it more presumable that Jan Brueghel the elder painted the figures and the horses.

I tend to date the picture around 1617 (based on comparisons with most of the works dated around this year by Dr.Klaus Ertz in "Josse De Momper" Luca Verlag 1986.

Striking technical resemblance with figures and horses in the painting Kat 621 Sölingen coll.Müllenmeister 1979 in "Jan Brueghel der altere" Luca Verlag 2010 (detail page 1403), dated

by Dr. Ertz between 1600 and 1610.

Similar sitting figure with backbag on kat. 55 in Klaus Ertz "Josse De Momper" Luca Verlag 1986, dated by Dr.Ertz between 1600 and 1610.(work sold Sotheby's  06/12/2006)


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