The mocking of Christ

The mocking of Christ
The mocking of Christ
layer & technique: 

Oil on panel


63,8/64,0 x 48,8/49,3 cm

1627 ?

On the back of the panel, the mark of the Antwerp panelmaker Lambrecht Steens (who died in 1638): Initials LS in monogram together with the mark of the city of Antwerp identified by J. Wadum as mark N°4(see "the Antwerp brand on paintings on panel" in Leids kunsthistorisch jaarboek XI page 186 fig.8) in use 1619-1638. 

On the back of the 17th century frame in ebony veneer on oak, the remains of three wax collectors seals.

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   Dendrochronological analysis by Prof Peter Klein (Hamburg) has revealed that an earliest creation date is possible from 1623 onwards.(report 27/03/2009)

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